Lyckliga Gatan

Lyckliga gatan, du finns inte mer. Even though you got renewed for a second season, coming spring 2016!

Lyckliga gatan

Lyckliga gatan is a tv show where two artists from different genras and generations meet to greet and challenge themselves with each others big hits. One part is a young up-and-coming rapper, the other one is a established and renowned artist with a couple of beloved songs in the catalogue.

The main challenge was to create a logotype and a graphical maner that worked with the (kind of large but different) target groups. 

We did a traditional but modern typographic treatment with the combination of Champion by Hoefler and Paul Bernes Austin as a matching serif. We also created ornaments based on traditional Swedish kurbits-patterns.

One of our goals with the look and feel of the show was to make it as compelling as possible for people to share it on social media, as we knew a huge part of the audience would watch the show the way modern people watch tv — on internet and on their own schedule, that is. 

The results were overwhelming, when we immediately saw people start to share share the logo to their friends via the hashtag #lyckligagatan.

Song covers using the profile.