Berggrens i Skål

Locally produced and locally unbothered. Unwashed and free ranged. Eggs, that is.

Berggrens i Skål

Berggrens i Skål is a small farm in Värmland, Sweden, producing eggs in all different colors. The hens are free to walk around on the farm, and the eggs are unprocessed. You have to buy them straight from the farm, and they come as natural as it gets. Very local. We created a modern brand to contrast against the old and dusted farm where the hens reside. Along with the logotype and identity we created illustrations and a pattern made out of the letters in the logotype.

To keep it the environmental footprint as low as possible, Berggrens i Skål doesn't make egg cartons - buyers bring their used ones, and once the eggs are picked and placed they get sealed with a branded tape.




Klang Mt
Berggrens Pattern
Hence the hens, who produce these colored eggs, produce a little fewer eggs than regular hens, you don't see colorful eggs too often. They do taste the same however… or better!